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May 12, 2017 by Kareem Youssef


Creep (2014)

A great example of the found film horror subgenera. Creep hits all the right notes, good pacing which builds an atmosphere of dread.

For found film the best plot is a simple one. In Creep Aaron a freelance videographer responds to an ad on Craigslist by Josef who uses the ruse of having cancer and wanting to film his day for his unborn son. Josef pushes the threshold of boundaries with Arron his bizarre and obscene behavior is unsettling yet Josef still manages to reel Aaron back in with his charisma. This happens over and over until the very end.  The same behavior is comparable with how a cat toys with its mouse. Josef delights in emotionally ensnaring  his victims to extract every once of tension and dread.

Brilliant in more ways than one, Creep fully owns up to it’s name. With only two actors and a camera the burden of success lies on the acting and character dynamic. It’s on this point where Mark Duplass is phenomenal playing a genuine creep I was transfixed on his every scene. Their is a not a trace of gore, or blood, it manages to be chilling. Utilizing  only superb dialogue and storytelling, its what all found horror should feel like, personal, and real.


I’ve already watched this movie several times and horror fans are sure to rejoice at this fresh take on found film.

There is not a twist ending as much as there revelation that they were many others that fell victim to Peachfuzz. Duplass Confirmed that Creep will become a trilogy with it’s sequel coming out this year.

– Horrific Horrors


The mask has a name, its “Peachfuzz”


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